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Fast, reliable prototype PCB assemblies for fast, reliable results.

Design finalization can be a struggle for engineers. Often, outside resources create needless iterations due to poor quality PCB, assembly errors, bad components or design errors.

RapidProto utilizes innovative techniques that reduce design iterations and build “known good” prototypes fast, so design engineers who are best suited to evaluate their work can finalize designs quickly and get the product to market.

Each RapidProto PCB must pass laboratory approval to guarantee an exact match with the design file.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Process utilizes component electrical verification at placement for passive component validation and AOI to identify assembly errors.

RapidProto uses only new components so that bad components (or counterfeit) are rare.




"We use our experience in design, fabrication and assembly to minimize the after-hours questions, fill in the blanks and remove uncertainties when you test a new design."

– Stanley L. Bentley, P.E. Senior Technical Advisor



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