Can you really build this in the time you say?

Yes. Many people think it’s impossible because the differences between the shortcuts you take in a prototype and what a production shop does, which is cross T’s and dot I’s. Our concept blends the two such that we deliver in the prototype speeds a production-quality product.



Do you purchase material?

Yes, we provide the material. Originally, our preference was for the customer to provide the material simply because that removes an uncertainty in the lead times. However, we found that customers struggle with delivering the material in a timely fashion, or in a form in which we can properly process and build. For this reason, our preference is that we would rather provide the material.

How can you ensure it’s right the first time?

Prototype speed implies that you take shortcuts. We do not. We have software systems and very skilled people that allow us to do the things that you do in a production environment, but we can do them in parallel. That’s how we are able to deliver a production-quality product at prototype speeds.



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