RAPIDPROTO can produce any current technology and place every surface mount and through hole component, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and software.


RapidProto relies on the in-house DivSys analytical lab to verify the initial quality of the PCB. Starting with a good board is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Our lab can assure the risk of the most critical failure element in an electronic assembly has been eliminated.


PCB LABThe incoming inspection process in our in-house testing lab to guarantees an ‘approval for use’
    Test available :
    • Visual Inspection and cross section
    • Electric Bare Board Testing
    • 3D X-RAY and X-RAY fluorescence
    • Solderability test and stress test
    • Ionic contamination and Ion chromatography
    • Differential scanning calorimetry
    • Time-domain reflectometer
SOLDER PASTE DISPENSINGThe process of dispensing the required quantity of solder paste in each location on each pads on the printed circuit boards.
    Technologies available:
    • Jet paste printer (Minimum aperture 0.33mm)
    • Paste printing by stencil (Minimum aperture 0.15mm)

SURFACE MOUNT ASSEMBLYSurface-mount assembly is the technology in which the components are mounted directly onto the surface (Top or Bottom) of the printed circuit boards
    Capabilities available :
    • Finest pitch lead: 0.25mm x 0.25 mm center
    • Smallest chip part: 01005
    • Largest part: 160mm x 160mm
    • Thickest board: 7mm
    • Largest Panel size: 18’’ x 23’’
    • BGA smallest pitch: 0.35mm
    • Package on package technology

THROUGH HOLE ASSEMBLYThrough-hole assembly is the technology in which the leads of the components are inserted into holes drilled in the printed circuit boards and then soldered.
    Technologies available :
    • Selective solder
    • Manual solder
    Capabilities available :
    • Solder: Lead free and Leaded
    • Flux: No clean and Aqueous
WASHINGThe post production process of cleaning the PCBA to remove the flux residues or other potential contaminants.
    Technologies available :
    • Batch cleaning
COATINGThe process of applying a thin protective layer on the PCBA to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and/or extreme temperature.
    Technologies available :
    • Automatic 5 axis coating machine
    Capabilities available :
    • Urethane
    • Acrylic
    • Silicone
    • Parylene

DEPANELINGThe process of separating the individual PCBAs from the panel (PCB array)
    Technologies available :
    • Routing
    • Vcut
    • Xray inspection
PCBA INSPECTIONThe post-production process of the PCBA to examine for potential failures occurring during the production process.
    Technologies available :
    • 2D AOI
    • 3D AOI
    • Ionic contamination
    • Ion chromatography
    • Visual inspection according IPC A-610 class 2 or 3
REWORKThe manual or automatic process of desoldering and/or re-soldering of components due to production failure or design issue.
  • PCB rework through Router
  • missing holes
  • incorrect profiles or board size corrections
  • PCBA rework though manual process
  • replace of components
  • PCBA Rework though automatic BGA rework station
  • Replace of BGA components


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