RapidProto builds fast, reliable prototype
PCB assemblies



A network with more than 45 years of history. It is impossible to explain the history of RapidProto without explaining the history of Diversified systems Inc and Divsys, created in 1973 by Stanley Bentley, P.E. DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana is a prototype / small volume assembly facility and PCB / PCBA validation laboratory. The DIVSYS Laboratory is a recreation of the PCB/PCBA Laboratory from the original Diversified Systems, a MIL, Automotive and Medical PCB/PCBA Laboratory

Rapidproto opened in 2005, as a quick-turn, high-technology assembly arm of DIVSYS International, LLC. In late June of 2018, DIVSYS International, LLC, merged with ICAPE Group and became the ICAPE Technical Center of Excellence for the Unites Stated. Today, DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC serves the commercial market for quick turn, high-technology assembly and PCB/PCBA Laboratory Services


What makes RapidProto unique is our technical team which has over 150 years of combined industry experience! Our experience in PCB design, fabrication, and assembly helps customers accelerate their product development cycle by reducing the number of prototype iterations.


Discover our facililty in the great state of Indiana thanks to our 360° Office view tour



Real-time communication and technical support. Easily visit and audit facility. Reduce the risk of miscommunications due to language barriers or translation issues.


Complete assemblies in as few as 1-3 business days of simple or complex designs. Our in-house lab accelerates the qualification process.


RapidProto helps accelerate your product development cycle which saves time and money. Tariff and international shipping costs make overseas business expensive.


By cutting down on international shipping, your company will produce a much smaller carbon footprint, making U.S. manufacturing a much eco-friendlier option.


You can protect your intellectual property if the assembly &/or the manufacturing takes place in the U.S. Intellectual property is more vulnerable with overseas production.


INDUSTRIALRapidProto understands that the PCBAs need to be especially high-powered and be durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in industrial facilities.
  • Specific documentation: FAI
  • Traceability of components
  • In house Laboratory Verification
  • Expertise in ruggedized Electronics
  • Expertise in high voltage application
  • Access to Engineers and Technicians
  • MEDICALWe make sure to pay special attention to ensure reliability when producing our medical PCBAs because proper functioning can be critical to patient health. Our PCBAs must also meet strict standards for sanitation
  • Assistance or a lead on the Medical Device customers with applications for Flex and Flex-Rigid designs.
  • Traceability of components
  • In house Laboratory Verification
  • Access to Engineers and Technicians
  • Ability to assist with very leading-edge technology and design
  • RapidProto have been designated as essential business during the COVID19 pandemic

  • AUTOMOTIVERapidProto understands the special constraints of automotive electronics because we have lived in this industry for over 40 years.
  • Specific documentation: PPAP, FAI
  • Supply chain securitization and transparency: IMDS registration
  • Traceability of components
  • In house Laboratory Verification
  • Expertise in ruggedized Electronics: RPT Team has many years of experience PCB/PCBA in harsh environments
  • Access to Engineers and Technicians

  • IoTOur expertise and experience in the IoT allows us to remain aware of restrictions and requirements necessary to design the most effective PCBAs on the market
  • Access to Engineers and Technicians
  • Assistance with very leading-edge technology and design
  • Cutting edge production with ability to work with micro BGAs, 01005’s, and leading-edge concepts
  • Work with high technology PCB suppliers that are able to make 1/1 Technology as well as Flex and Flex-Rigid designs
  • Expertise in Radio frequency and High Frequency Applications
  • MILITARYDIVSYS Aerospace & Engineering, also known as DIVaero can serve customers requiring ITAR certification. DIVaero is a seperate company, American owned and one of RapidProto’s long term partners.
  • Access to Engineers and Technicians
  • Traceability of components
  • In house Laboratory Verification
  • Expertise in ruggedize
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